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Being Organised For A New Year


​Organisation and planning is done is the frontal lobe part of our brain. It takes time to plan and be organised, but this means less pressure on our frontal lobe, especially after we have developed a habit and a routine. When asked why being organised helps students reponded with:

·        (SP) You will be able to manage your time better in the future.
·        (TG) Your mental state is better because you are not stressed.
·        (JW) You are up early and prepared for school.
·        (SM) If I do my jobs and get ready before school I have time to play with my brothers and my kitten.
·        (HS) Being organised means looking after yourself including having breakfast and putting things in the same place each time so you know where to find them.
Let's all have a great 2016 by being organised!