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Tuckshop will be held every Monday and Thursday. If Monday is a holiday or pupil free day tuckshop will be held on Tuesday. Please note all food orders are taken via the bag system, we provide morning tea (little lunch) and lunch (big lunch)
Orders are to be in by 9:30am.
Checklist for bag system
Use a separate bag for morning tea and lunch.
Use a separate bag for each student
Write clearly on front of bag – morning tea or lunch, students name and class, tuckshop order and price totalled.
Place money in bag (change will be given if required)
Years prep – 3 place bag in basket provided in classroom
Years 4-10 drop orders direct to tuckshop.
$3.50       Chicken or ham wrap
$3.50       breakfast wrap (+ cheese 30c extra)
$3.50       Large tub of salad
$4.50       Large tub of salad with meat
$3.00       Small tub of salad
$4.00       Small tub of salad with meat
$5.00       Quiche and salad
$3.50       Beef burger with salad
$4.50       Beef, bacon and egg burger with salad
$3.50       Meat and salad roll
$3.00       Chicken fillet burger
$3.00       Roast roll and gravy
$2.50       Toasted sandwiches
$1.00       honey/jam/vegemite sandwiches
$3.50       bacon and salad toasted sandwich
$2.00       bacon and egg muffin + (cheese 30c extra)
$3.00       hot dog plain
$3.50       hot dog works
$2.50       pizza ham or chicken + cheese and pineapple
$2.80       pie with peas
$2.50       pies
80c          party pies
$1.70       sausage rolls
$1.00       chicken nuggets (3)
$1.50       hot dogs on stick
$1.50       pork riblets
20c          tomato or bbq sauce
$1.00       pot of fruit salad
2 for 60c pikelets
$1.00       water 600ml
$1.50       flavoured milk (chocolate, strawberry, iced coffee)
$1.00       assorted poppers
$1.50       quench sugar drinks
$1.00       assorted chips
50c          popcorn
50c – $1.50 assorted ice blocks/ice-cream